History of Trinity United Church

Since 1910, worship services have been held at the corner of Quilchena Avenue and Chapman Street – first as St. Andrews Presbyterian and now Trinity United Church as of 1927.
On land purchased from Mr. William Voght, the work of building the new church was completed and opening services and dedication were held on the first Sunday in December 1910. Large congregations attended and heard inspiring addresses of Rev. W. J. Kidd, resident minister and Rev. George Murray, the first Presbyterian minister in the valley and connected with its spiritual life for 35 years. Merritt Presbyterians now had their own permanent home in which to worship.
In 1921 the last payment on the principle of the mortgage was made. Mr. Voght, in memory of his wife, presented the church with a fine stained-glass window which was placed in the south end of the sanctuary, which we continue to enjoy today. In 1921 a Sunday School room was added to the church which with further addition evolved into the present hall. That same year the manse was built on an adjoining lot.
On June 5, 1925, three communities – Congregational, Methodist, and Presbyterian united to form the United Church of Canada and welcomed the first United Minister; Rev. W. R. Walkinshaw. Worship services have been held continuously in the sanctuary since 1910. We are thankful for the pioneers who built the church and all who have since faithfully maintained the original sanctuary. We continue to be thankful to God for his blessings upon the congregation of Trinity over the years.
Adapted from “Celebrating 100 Years of Worship, Trinity United Church, Merritt, BC.”